Saturday, July 14, 2012


हर आह्ट पे तेरे आने का इंतज़ार रहता है..
हर वो हवा का झोंका जो मुझे छूकर जाता है,
उसमे तेरा एहसास होता है..
मेरी हर एक दुआ में तेरा नाम रहता है..
मेरी हर एक साँस में,
तेरे होने का मीठा सा इक एहसास होता है..
ऑंखें बंद करते ही तेरी यादों में खोते ही,
तेरा मेरे पास होने का एहसास होता है..
हर वोह लम्हा जो तेरे साथ गुज़ारा था,
उसे याद करके आज भी मन उदास होता है..
पथरा गई है ये उदास ऑंखें तेरे आने के इंतज़ार में,
देखते है मेरा ये इंतज़ार कब खत्म होता है..

Friday, November 26, 2010

I Am Still Existing..

After such a long time I am back on blogosphere.. Seeing lots of changes here.. And my own life has also change coz I got married three months back.. :) New life,new people,new responsibilities.. God its a very big responsibility.. So these days shuffling from home to office thats why dint get time to blog.. But will try to write whenever get time and will visit to all your blogs.. Till then dnt forget me am still very much around.. ;) Take care F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Walking Alone..

Life is like a very very long road,

On which I have to walk,

And yes, I am walking,

Without any feelings,

But I am walking alone,

Without even my shadow,

My own Shadow left me long before,

Its strange but now we are not in touch,

Yeah I am still walking,

To reach at my destination,

But I am still walking alone..

Friday, January 29, 2010


As I told earlier also that I was not blogging since past few months. So when I decided to start it once again, I started reading my favorite blogs. And then I got to know that two of my favorite bloggers Kaddu and Blog Gore had left their journeys of blogging in between. Wonder Why. Infact a very big WHY. Why both of you have done so.

Kaddu who is so popular on blogosphere, who wrote almost everything and yeah I mean it when I say everything. I still love reading your posts. But one should respect others decision so here I am wishing you all the best for your coming future. We all will miss your posts. Stay connected on facebook.

Blog Gore another blogger whos posts were hilarious and out of the world. And I always used to wrote him that he has all the qualities of an outstanding writer. His posts were simply great. His post on RAKHI SAWANT were outstanding. Will miss your humor. Gud luck for your bright future.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Due to my laziness and short memory I forgot to collect my awards from dear friend Kadambari. Sorry.. These are the awards which bloggers were giving to other bloggers. And I got Two.. Yuppie.. No worries at all. I am receiving these awards with great honor and special thanx to KADDU who is now my facebook friend also.

I am passing these awards to PN , Miss Rawano , Prabhjot , ani_aset.

Why Not..

Why not its easy to forget someone,

Why not its easy to connect with any one,

Why not its easy to get rid of old memories,

Why not its easy to find someone else,

Why not its easy to get over from him,

Why not its easy to think something else,

Why not its easy to smile more often,

Why not its easy to live without him,

Why not its easy to look forward,

Why not its easy to bury the past,

Why not.. why not..

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Blog...!!!

Belated Birthday Wishes for my blog.. It was on 25 of December 2009 and I actually had forgot it as I am not blogging these days at all. Also I was in Bangalore and not using internet there at all. So I am wishing my blog many many happy and sad thoughts which am going to write in near future. And my promise to my blog that I wont neglect it anymore and will write more often as I did in past. I had shared my inner thoughts and feelings with it and made lots of friends on it. And a very big Thanks to all the readers who read it and even spared their time to wrote comments. And Thanx to all the followers also who are still stick to my blog while knowing the fact that I am not a good writer. So, Happy Birthday to my own blog.. To MY THOUGHTS..

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sleeping is injurious to...

People came and knocked and I dint even noticed,

Because I was so busy in sleeping,

I missed all the opportunities,

People waited and left me all alone,

And I dint even realized coz I was sleeping,

Now I am all alone and have nothing to do,

What else..Am going to sleep again..

MORAL ; Dont sleep too much..

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Feelings...not feeling anymore...

As I am blank not feeling anything,

Something is dying inside me,

Dont know what it is,

Something related only to mine,

I was searching for the answers,

All of a sudden my heartbeat skipped,

Christ..these are my feelings,

My feelings are dying..

No hold on..I think they were dead long before,

I just never realized,

Not feeling anything,

No sadness no happiness,

My own feelings left me long before,

Now I am all alone..

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weird Questions by ME...who else....???

Lack of ideas these days that's why dint wrote anything.. Besides this everyone's keep telling me that I asked so many weird questions.. So thought why not ask sum questions from you guys.. So answer these :-
  • Name..
  • Age..
  • Status..
  • How many crushes u had..
  • What is Love..
  • What would you do when u come to know that your gal/boy whom you love so madly does not exist on earth.... Ghost....hmm... weird nah...but u have to ans..
  • Kindly give us some of your precious flirting some people really need it.. ;)
  • Please share any of your mad/weird incident..and the moral of the story.. :)
  • Your next weird move would be.. hahah..dont feel shy you can say..
  • Your precious comments on how do you feel while writing all this stuff.. ;)
Please leave all your answers in comment box.. All the readers who are reading this post are most welcome to share their weird answers..

WARNING : Answers must be WEIRD... Go on... Gud Luck ;)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Indulgence into food..but I am not a foodie..

Lets talk about all time favorite... Though I am not a foodie but yeah I simply love good food... and I am very sure that you people who are reading this post also loves good food..very obviously..

I simply dont understand how people can diet. I mean without good food only on fruits or soups.. Ewww I hate fruits..Yeah I know its good for glowing skin and good health..But some how I just cant have it..

Back to Food.. as I dont consider fruits as food.. Food means spicy..tangy..delicious..mouth watering..and what not..??

Who does not love home made food...with more respect Mommy's made food..please raise your hands...

Stuffed Paranthas...alloo(potato)..gobhi(cauliflower)..etc..

All green leafy vegetables..which all mommys force to eat to stay healthy..though I dont like to eat ghaas-fuus( green leafy) but mom is an exceptionally gud cook so these vegetables gives me enough taste to eat..

Love to eat Rajma Rice any time..

Obviously I like South Indian food..why not..??

I simply love Chinese food..

All kinds of noodles..momos..Manchurian..thupka..spring rolls..kathi rolls..fried rice..chilly hot n sour veg hungry now...let me eat sumthing..

Any kind of pizza..garlic breads..choco dips..asparagus..Burgers only from Mc Donald..

Sorry to say but I cant eat Thai food..that green colored curries gives me yukk taste.. so I have given up..No more Thai food..

Mushrooms in any to eat..

What about Dark Chocolates..Cakes..Pastries..How anyone can stay away from these heavenly dishes..

Ice creams....awww..yum.. yum. yum..except strawberry flavor..I hate this flavor..

Coffee....hmm ok..but Thums up..any is no time limit..

And for non veg lovers...dont worry..Mughlai Food is always there for you..
I know you people love chicken in any form and some likes to eat anything which can swim...Yeah you got it right your favorite Sea Food..

What you people are waiting for...??

Go to your favorite restaurant or any eating joint where you can get your kind of food..Go and grab the delicious bite..Waiting for whom and what.. ;)

And please make sure to do regular exercises to stay for gals stay curvaceous ;)

Saturday, July 25, 2009


बदहवास सी दौड़ती हुई
किसी परछाईं के पीछें
जाने कहाँ गुम हो गई
परेशान सी खड़ी हू
हांफती हुई साँसों को समेटते हुए
यह गहराता हुआ अँधेरा
और उसमे गुम होती वोह परछाईं
भीगी पलके टूटते सपने
बिखरते हुए इन सपनो को समेटते हुए
इस उम्मीद मैं की यह अँधेरा कभी तो मिटेगा
एक नया उजाला एक नया सवेरा
अभी नही तो कभी तो होगा
उस परछाईं से मेरा सामना कभी तो होगा..

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Without looking back...

As I walked slowly all alone,
Completely lost into my own,
Moving ahead without looking back,
I heard something,
Something which was very known,
Something which was once very close to my heart,
Some kind of voice,
Some familiar laughter,
Some whisper into my ears,
Some unforgettable giggles,
As somebody called my name,
That voice still gives me thousand blows of wind,
And I started melting,
All of a sudden I looked back with hope,
And there was no one,
I was all alone on that long silent road,
Damn.. I am still missing him,
And I started moving ahead without looking back,
With a tears in my eyes and a sharp pain in my heart,
I am moving ahead without looking back....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Come and Take a PLEDGE..No more TOBACCO

Hi to all readers,

I am writing this for all those people who smoke and keep burning their lives in vapors and ashes. No, I am not forcing you guys..Am just discussing this with you..or more precisely can say requesting you to quit TOBACCO in any form..

I am fail to understand what is the point of taking slow poison on the name of addiction..Or does it gives any kind of taste...?? Taste which kills you..I have never tasted it so I don't know.. Only the name of Tobacco reminds me the names of lots of diseases and the pain that would be occurs due to this..How you people can enjoy this on the risk of your life and health..Don't you love yourself..??

Why you guys simply do not ignore Tobacco rather than getting indulge into it.. There is no Life in Tobacco and Drugs.. Quit and Ignore DRUGS..TOBACCO and keep maintain a healthy life for yourself..for your loved ones..who loves you so much in any situation..

If can't leave this bad habit of Tobacco for yourself..Quit it for them..Your loved ones would definitely love you more for this positive change..Ask your friends or other known persons who are indulge into this tobacco world to quit this..

So, come and take a pledge : I want to live Long..Healthy..and Happy Life for Myself..for my Family..for my Loved Ones..I Quit TOBACCO..

NO..This is not a lecture or any kind of message ..this is just an honest request from ME to YOU..

Now its up to you..

Saturday, May 23, 2009

TRUTHS.....about me...

  1. That I am still single ;-)
  2. I am a day dreamer ( can dream with open eyes )
  3. I am a thinker.. who always think that people around me are more intelligent then I have to learn from them.
  4. I am an observer..who always observe others (sumtimes get amused and sumtimes irritate )
  5. I had left non vegetarian food 10 years back ( no temptations at all )
  6. I am very selective about my not make friends easily..( thats why very few on social networks)
  7. I love my Family more than anything ( May God shower all the happiness on them )
  8. I love to pray ( I love God )
  9. I love accessories more than clothes ( huge collection of shades, footwear, handbags )
  10. I dont hate Dogs..I am scared of them (don't laugh please )
  11. I actually never liked to study in my whole life but always forced to do so (well credit goes to strict and well educated parents that I am an MBA today )
  12. I get depressed very easily.
  13. I actually hate few people ( God forbid me )
  14. I don't talk much ( sumone told me that I am a very patient listener..still remember those words )
  15. I hate liars ( try hard not to lie as much as possible..but sumtimes you know human tendency )
  16. And one more weakness I am short tempered (sumtimes cant control my anger)
  17. I have never smoke in my life ( am damn sure about this )
  18. I am a non alcoholic ( but forced to gulped brandy few times because doctor prescribed and it had burnt my throat each and every and why people like it..dont understand )
  19. I can sketch and paint.
  20. I can cook ( gud cook )
  21. I am a to shop ( in fact it gives me peace of mind ;-)
  22. I simply can not DRIVE ( when I was learning I hit an auto rickshaw and God saved all of us)
  23. I love kids ( love to play with them without any complaints )
  24. I love to give gifts to loved ones ( please note love to receive also )
  25. I am afraid of height and darkness.
  26. I love to swim ( but dont know how to swim.. now thats another problem )
  27. Yeah I am spiritual person.
  28. I had never cheated in exams ( what do u think )
  29. I hate to wake up early ( I am totally a night person )
  30. I had crush on Salman Khan when I was in school ( No I think I still have..hmm yeah I still sure I have)
  31. I am getting addicted to internet these days.
  32. I am afraid to get obese.
  33. Once I fell down from stairs in a shopping mall in front of whole bunch of boys ( they were all hot luking cant even imagine my embarrassment..GOD why only ME that day.. why not any of my friend instead of me )
  34. I have some more embarrassing moments in my life which I dont have guts to share ( so keep guessing )

Above stated truths are completely honest and true to my words..

Whenever I discover more truths about me I would add them up..

You can also leave your truths in comment box if you feel so.. :-)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Best vs Worst....

Today in evening I was chatting with this new friend on messenger. We were talking about each other. In fact trying to know each other when all of a sudden she asked me "Who are your best friends" and I replied" all are best". No but she was not convinced at all and said " no only some are best". I actually tried to convince her that according to me all my friends are best thats why they are my friends and no I dont find any of my friend worst. But some how she was not convinced by my statement or more precisely by my theory.

Like all other people in my childhood I too had a firm believe in Best Friend concept. I actually kept changing my best friends in each class. I still don't figure out Why.. First it was Anchal then Shweta to Geeta to Anjali.. then school finished there..College started and the search also..then I found new best friend Inderpreet who always dominated me and then Preeti..Then what.. college finished.. Entered into Fashion Designing Institute and again list started from Ekta to Shalu..Again that era finished and new era started.. Job..Again list had been started unconsciously..obviously..but dint found any one..Maturity I guess..I got so many friends there..

Whenever I thought about my above stated phase of life or say innocence or might be brings smile on my face.. With time all these friends has gone and lost in their married world..only three are in touch..But the point is ..Are they still my best friends..Ofcourse yes..why not..just because they are not with me so what their memories are still alive. They were my friends and friends can not be worst they are always best thats why we call them Friends..

Friends can never be divided into categories best or worst or timepass (I have heard this word so many times ) If friends are worst or bad then they are enemies not friends.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. just this simple word gives us so many mix emotions altogether..giggles..endless discuss opposite gender so often..secrets..gossip out and what not on this fun..

Now I am having friends on orkut, facebook and blogosphere with whom I am discussing all these things..

So the bottom line is never categorized your friends into sections All are BEST thats they are with us as our Friends..

Thank you so much for being my BEST F.R.I.E.N.D.S. You all are special and you all are BEST..

Perceptions about Life-2

Well again different perceptions by different people about life.......

In love with Life... How GOD added one more beautiful day into my life.. Thanx God..

Life seems burden... OH GOD !! One more day to live.. When it wud come to an end..

Well its upto us how we take and deal with life..either we can make it beautiful or burden..

Choice is absolutely ours..

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Perceptions about Life..

Life is not a book which can be close any time by its readers..Life is a journey. Journey to move ahead and ahead to meet new and different people at different time or at same time. And its our destiny who decides who would stay and walk with us and who would join another path..

Life is like a River. A flowing river. We cant touch the same water twice same like in life we cant relived in the past..cant live in memories forever. One has to flow.. Flow with the flow of Life..

Life is not a film which offers retakes and happy endings.. Its like a theater..No retakes only live audiences..So perform well..

Life is an album of sad and beautiful moments.. And one has to try to fill it with perfect moments. Whenever we open our album ( looking back into the past ) memories of whatever happened bring smile on our face. And yeah we have to learn from our past mistakes. Thats Life..

Life is also like a Food. Fresh..spicy..tasty..salty..sweet..bitter..sometimes plain and tasteless. The more taste Life gives us the more we want to live..The more we want from life..

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Life it..feel it..

Life is beautiful..
If you get everything..
Life is full of opportunities..
If you an opportunist..
Life is a complete success..
If you are a winner..
Life is a struggle..
But you have to keep fighting for a chance..
Life seems like a burden..
If you don't let the past go..
Life would be remain in dark..
If you don't let the light come inside..
Life is full of sadness and cries..
If you don't want to laugh..
Life has a every single reason to live it..
Live the life as it comes..
With or without the loved ones..

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Go and Vote..

As voting day is coming closer day by day,everyone is talking about whether to vote or not.I asked yesterday to one of my friend about voting and what she had replied " are you mad whose gonna vote in such a scorching heat" and I was speechless. If young generation is going to behave like this then what would be happen to the country.. No idea..

I know its heating outside.But we have to vote as I have written in my earlier post on voting you are going to vote for yourself not for anybody else. Please don't give a damn to any kind of lame excuses. Don't give a damn to this extreme hot weather.Beat the heat and go for vote.

Vote for your and your family's safe future.Vote for yourself. Go and Vote.