Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lost on the road,
Struggling with my own thougths,
In search of my own soul,
I am standing against the wind,
Tired and exhausted,
Desperate to meet my ownself,
Darkness has start to spread everywhere,
Clutching me..absorbing me..
But i wont give up easily..
I will fight..fight with my own fears,
Yes, I will find own soul,
I will struggle till my last breath,
I will continue this search till my death..

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Desires and dreams...
Joy and happiness..
Dead or alive..
Does it still matter to me..
Dont not feel any more..
Lonliness ..sadness..emptiness..
Killing me..slowly..slowly..
Loosing my own identity..slowly..slowly..
Tears are drying..slowly..slowly..
Eyes are closing..slowly..slowly..
But still believe in God..his divine power..
Feeling him around me..
Feeling his blessings with me slowly..slowly..
Rainy day you n me,
Fragnance of wet earth,
Jumping and dancing in rain,
Under my umbrella you and me,
Holding hands you and me,
Sound of pouring rain,
Silence between you and me,
Walking together under my umbrella,
Under my umbrella you and me,

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Living in dark..
Bleeding heart..
Wounded soul..
Broken dreams..
Tears pouring from eyes..
Waiting for life..
Breathless and restless..
Irritated and desperate..
Folding hands..praying to GOD..
Want to live..
Waiting for life.. full of joy and happiness..
Happiness with him..

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Silent tears are rolling from eyes,
Unspoken words are lost in my mouth,
Heartbeats are slow n fast,
Lost in my own thoughts,
Walking alone,searching soul,
Trembling hands wants to get hold,
Tearful eyes are getting close,
Heart beats are no more,
Am I dead or alive..I dont care,
I want peace of mind,
Which I have nowhere find,
These questions of mine,
Always remained Unanswered,
To whom should I go and ask,
This is life's mysterious task...
My life has wear very sarcastic mask.........