Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nothing left...

Now I have nothing to lose,
And nothing to gain,
And now I am not feeling any pain,
No more tears are left,
And no more feelings are left,
I am empty from inside,
And I am not hoping for anything good,
I am not the same person anymore,
Days are flying and turn into years,
Even all the memories are fading away,
Feeling nothing inside me,
No more dreaming anymore,
Now I have nothing to lose,
And nothing to gain

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What is Love......

Is it a beautiful dream..
Or is it a desire for someone..
Is it a caring and sharing..
Or is it a desperate longing for someone..

Is it a just a silence between two..
Or is it a endless talking,whispering, giggling between two..
Is it to read someone's eyes silently..
Or is it to cry on someone's shoulder continuously..

Is it a fairytale fantasies..
Is it fake or real..
Is it some body's eyes full of tears..
Or is it a fear of loosing someone who is so dear..

Is it spiritual..
Or is it a meeting of two souls..
Is it a bonding of two hearts..
Or is it a endless pain in heart..

Is it happiness..
Or is it sorrows and sadness..
Or is it just a madness..

Is it a smile which comes every time thinking of him..
Or is it just listening to my own heartbeats..

Is it a song sang by lovers..
Or is it a magic create by lovers..
Is it an unsolved mystery..
Or is it just a story written in history..

Is it a wait for someone..
Or is it eternal..
Is it a sacrifice done by one for other..
Or is it a prayer sang by one for another..

Is it visionary..
Or is it just an illusion..

Is it unconditional..
Or is it demanding..
Is it a beautiful endless journey..
Or is it a difficult long road..

What it is exactly nobody knows..
It is a mix feelings of so many emotions..
If anyone get to know ..
Let the world know..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

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You are 87% Scorpio

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Flowers are blooming,
Fragrance in the air,
Lips are smiling,
Heart is singing,
Birds are chirping,
Eyes are curious and waiting,
Why I never feel this before,
All these things seems new to me

Clouds has a silver shine,
Oh..I am on cloud nine,
Rainbow seems so colorful and bright
Rain seems so pure,
Why I never feel this before,
All these things seems new to me,

Butterflies are so colorful,
Rising sun seems so beautiful,
Moon and stars are so bright,
All these things are giving me high,
Why I never feel this before,
All these things seems new to me

Saturday, January 10, 2009

In life people comes and people goes,
But I wonder why they come when they has to go,
Some became friends and some remain strangers,
But I wonder why they remain strangers,
When they can become friends,
Some left unforgettable beautiful memories and some left worries,
But I wonder why they left with memories behind,
When they can create beautiful tomorrow together,
Some people became history,
And why they left without say anything always remain mystery,
But I wonder why they simply do not understand,
That they had scribbled their marks in our hearts,
Which can not be erase,
And we can not easily forget our past,
I wonder why..


Everything is getting confused,
Or is it me who is getting confused,
Life is playing hide and seek with me ,
Or is it me who is playing with life,
Life wants something from me ,
Or is it me who wants something from life,
Life is running away from me,
Or is it me who is running away from life,
Is it life who wants me to live it fully and happily,
Or is it my desire to live it fully and happily,
Is it life who is waiting with its open arms for me,
Or is it me who is waiting for life with arms open,
But it seems that me and life are just not getting well along together,
So we are waiting for each other..

Thursday, January 8, 2009

All fears and tears has gone away,
All memories of sad times and bad times has gone away,
All fightings and patch ups has gone away,
All worries and sorries has gone away,
All enemies and wounds has gone away,
All abuses and jealousies has gone away,
Darkness has start to going away,
And I am able to see the bright light of hope and ray,
I am welcoming the new start..a new day..
Hoping for a big smile on my face,
And waiting for a happy and bright tomorrow,
Which is on his way,
And I would never let it go away..

One Day..

One day I will find my wings to fly..
yes I will fly...and fly to meet the sky..
Where no one would ask me what..if and why,
where no one will ever stop me to fly,
That day I will be reborn,
Reborn from the ashes of my lost dreams,
Reborn to live my own dreams...