Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Come and Take a PLEDGE..No more TOBACCO

Hi to all readers,

I am writing this for all those people who smoke and keep burning their lives in vapors and ashes. No, I am not forcing you guys..Am just discussing this with you..or more precisely can say requesting you to quit TOBACCO in any form..

I am fail to understand what is the point of taking slow poison on the name of addiction..Or does it gives any kind of taste...?? Taste which kills you..I have never tasted it so I don't know.. Only the name of Tobacco reminds me the names of lots of diseases and the pain that would be occurs due to this..How you people can enjoy this on the risk of your life and health..Don't you love yourself..??

Why you guys simply do not ignore Tobacco rather than getting indulge into it.. There is no Life in Tobacco and Drugs.. Quit and Ignore DRUGS..TOBACCO and keep maintain a healthy life for yourself..for your loved ones..who loves you so much in any situation..

If can't leave this bad habit of Tobacco for yourself..Quit it for them..Your loved ones would definitely love you more for this positive change..Ask your friends or other known persons who are indulge into this tobacco world to quit this..

So, come and take a pledge : I want to live Long..Healthy..and Happy Life for Myself..for my Family..for my Loved Ones..I Quit TOBACCO..

NO..This is not a lecture or any kind of message ..this is just an honest request from ME to YOU..

Now its up to you..