Friday, January 29, 2010


As I told earlier also that I was not blogging since past few months. So when I decided to start it once again, I started reading my favorite blogs. And then I got to know that two of my favorite bloggers Kaddu and Blog Gore had left their journeys of blogging in between. Wonder Why. Infact a very big WHY. Why both of you have done so.

Kaddu who is so popular on blogosphere, who wrote almost everything and yeah I mean it when I say everything. I still love reading your posts. But one should respect others decision so here I am wishing you all the best for your coming future. We all will miss your posts. Stay connected on facebook.

Blog Gore another blogger whos posts were hilarious and out of the world. And I always used to wrote him that he has all the qualities of an outstanding writer. His posts were simply great. His post on RAKHI SAWANT were outstanding. Will miss your humor. Gud luck for your bright future.

4 comments: said...

"blogger missing a blogger", have to check out those two blogs to know how good they are. Blogosphere seems to be a world on its own, creating a new network of friends.

Shas said...

Welcome back. I hope that the way ur back to blogging again they too wud be back. So keep wishing.

Dreaming Eyes said...

Hey thanx for stopping by.. yeah bloggers r having their own world here..join us.. :)

take care..

do visit again..

Dreaming Eyes said...

Heyy Shas... Thanx a lot.. :)

take care..