Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weird Questions by ME...who else....???

Lack of ideas these days that's why dint wrote anything.. Besides this everyone's keep telling me that I asked so many weird questions.. So thought why not ask sum questions from you guys.. So answer these :-
  • Name..
  • Age..
  • Status..
  • How many crushes u had..
  • What is Love..
  • What would you do when u come to know that your gal/boy whom you love so madly does not exist on earth.... Ghost....hmm... weird nah...but u have to ans..
  • Kindly give us some of your precious flirting some people really need it.. ;)
  • Please share any of your mad/weird incident..and the moral of the story.. :)
  • Your next weird move would be.. hahah..dont feel shy you can say..
  • Your precious comments on how do you feel while writing all this stuff.. ;)
Please leave all your answers in comment box.. All the readers who are reading this post are most welcome to share their weird answers..

WARNING : Answers must be WEIRD... Go on... Gud Luck ;)