Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Indulgence into food..but I am not a foodie..

Lets talk about FOOD..my all time favorite... Though I am not a foodie but yeah I simply love good food... and I am very sure that you people who are reading this post also loves good food..very obviously..

I simply dont understand how people can diet. I mean without good food only on fruits or soups.. Ewww I hate fruits..Yeah I know its good for glowing skin and good health..But some how I just cant have it..

Back to Food.. as I dont consider fruits as food.. Food means spicy..tangy..delicious..mouth watering..and what not..??

Who does not love home made food...with more respect Mommy's made food..please raise your hands...

Stuffed Paranthas...alloo(potato)..gobhi(cauliflower)..etc..

All green leafy vegetables..which all mommys force to eat to stay healthy..though I dont like to eat ghaas-fuus( green leafy) but mom is an exceptionally gud cook so these vegetables gives me enough taste to eat..

Love to eat Rajma Rice any time..

Obviously I like South Indian food..why not..??

I simply love Chinese food..

All kinds of noodles..momos..Manchurian..thupka..spring rolls..kathi rolls..fried rice..chilly hot n sour veg gravies..yummmmiiieeee.....am hungry now...let me eat sumthing..

Any kind of pizza..garlic breads..choco dips..asparagus..Burgers only from Mc Donald..

Sorry to say but I cant eat Thai food..that green colored curries gives me yukk taste.. so I have given up..No more Thai food..

Mushrooms in any form..love to eat..

What about Dark Chocolates..Cakes..Pastries..How anyone can stay away from these heavenly dishes..

Ice creams....awww..yum.. yum. yum..except strawberry flavor..I hate this flavor..

Coffee....hmm ok..but Thums up..any time..day-night..there is no time limit..

And for non veg lovers...dont worry..Mughlai Food is always there for you..
I know you people love chicken in any form and some likes to eat anything which can swim...Yeah you got it right your favorite Sea Food..

What you people are waiting for...??

Go to your favorite restaurant or any eating joint where you can get your kind of food..Go and grab the delicious bite..Waiting for whom and what.. ;)

And please make sure to do regular exercises to stay healthy..fit..and for gals stay curvaceous ;)

Saturday, July 25, 2009


बदहवास सी दौड़ती हुई
किसी परछाईं के पीछें
जाने कहाँ गुम हो गई
परेशान सी खड़ी हू
हांफती हुई साँसों को समेटते हुए
यह गहराता हुआ अँधेरा
और उसमे गुम होती वोह परछाईं
भीगी पलके टूटते सपने
बिखरते हुए इन सपनो को समेटते हुए
इस उम्मीद मैं की यह अँधेरा कभी तो मिटेगा
एक नया उजाला एक नया सवेरा
अभी नही तो कभी तो होगा
उस परछाईं से मेरा सामना कभी तो होगा..

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Without looking back...

As I walked slowly all alone,
Completely lost into my own,
Moving ahead without looking back,
I heard something,
Something which was very known,
Something which was once very close to my heart,
Some kind of voice,
Some familiar laughter,
Some whisper into my ears,
Some unforgettable giggles,
As somebody called my name,
That voice still gives me thousand blows of wind,
And I started melting,
All of a sudden I looked back with hope,
And there was no one,
I was all alone on that long silent road,
Damn.. I am still missing him,
And I started moving ahead without looking back,
With a tears in my eyes and a sharp pain in my heart,
I am moving ahead without looking back....