Friday, November 26, 2010

I Am Still Existing..

After such a long time I am back on blogosphere.. Seeing lots of changes here.. And my own life has also change coz I got married three months back.. :) New life,new people,new responsibilities.. God its a very big responsibility.. So these days shuffling from home to office thats why dint get time to blog.. But will try to write whenever get time and will visit to all your blogs.. Till then dnt forget me am still very much around.. ;) Take care F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Walking Alone..

Life is like a very very long road,

On which I have to walk,

And yes, I am walking,

Without any feelings,

But I am walking alone,

Without even my shadow,

My own Shadow left me long before,

Its strange but now we are not in touch,

Yeah I am still walking,

To reach at my destination,

But I am still walking alone..

Friday, January 29, 2010


As I told earlier also that I was not blogging since past few months. So when I decided to start it once again, I started reading my favorite blogs. And then I got to know that two of my favorite bloggers Kaddu and Blog Gore had left their journeys of blogging in between. Wonder Why. Infact a very big WHY. Why both of you have done so.

Kaddu who is so popular on blogosphere, who wrote almost everything and yeah I mean it when I say everything. I still love reading your posts. But one should respect others decision so here I am wishing you all the best for your coming future. We all will miss your posts. Stay connected on facebook.

Blog Gore another blogger whos posts were hilarious and out of the world. And I always used to wrote him that he has all the qualities of an outstanding writer. His posts were simply great. His post on RAKHI SAWANT were outstanding. Will miss your humor. Gud luck for your bright future.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Due to my laziness and short memory I forgot to collect my awards from dear friend Kadambari. Sorry.. These are the awards which bloggers were giving to other bloggers. And I got Two.. Yuppie.. No worries at all. I am receiving these awards with great honor and special thanx to KADDU who is now my facebook friend also.

I am passing these awards to PN , Miss Rawano , Prabhjot , ani_aset.

Why Not..

Why not its easy to forget someone,

Why not its easy to connect with any one,

Why not its easy to get rid of old memories,

Why not its easy to find someone else,

Why not its easy to get over from him,

Why not its easy to think something else,

Why not its easy to smile more often,

Why not its easy to live without him,

Why not its easy to look forward,

Why not its easy to bury the past,

Why not.. why not..

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Blog...!!!

Belated Birthday Wishes for my blog.. It was on 25 of December 2009 and I actually had forgot it as I am not blogging these days at all. Also I was in Bangalore and not using internet there at all. So I am wishing my blog many many happy and sad thoughts which am going to write in near future. And my promise to my blog that I wont neglect it anymore and will write more often as I did in past. I had shared my inner thoughts and feelings with it and made lots of friends on it. And a very big Thanks to all the readers who read it and even spared their time to wrote comments. And Thanx to all the followers also who are still stick to my blog while knowing the fact that I am not a good writer. So, Happy Birthday to my own blog.. To MY THOUGHTS..