Thursday, February 11, 2010

Walking Alone..

Life is like a very very long road,

On which I have to walk,

And yes, I am walking,

Without any feelings,

But I am walking alone,

Without even my shadow,

My own Shadow left me long before,

Its strange but now we are not in touch,

Yeah I am still walking,

To reach at my destination,

But I am still walking alone..


Shas said...

There are times when we become terribly lonely in our paths especially in moments of crisis. Our shadow is always with us, its jus the darkness which hides it.

ani_aset said...

you are never alone...lovely poem :)

Prasant Naidu. said...

People say keep walking, i say keep running :)

keep rocking,

Dreaming Eyes said...

Hi Shas.. Dnt knw what to say..thanx..

take care..

Dreaming Eyes said...

Hi ani.. thanx buddy..

take care..

Dreaming Eyes said...

hi PN.. i also want to run away frm problems..seriously..

Keep visiting..

take care..

Bikram said...

Like shas said.. our shadow never leaves us .. its probably hidden by darkness.. SO get out there and Switch the light on.. you will see You are not alone.. Cause your heart and You will Follow you...

Dreaming Eyes said...

Hey Bikram..hmm.. it was long back when i wrote this... that was just a low in life you know..btw thank you for ur visit and keep visiting in near future also..

stay happy..

take care.. :)