Saturday, July 4, 2009

Without looking back...

As I walked slowly all alone,
Completely lost into my own,
Moving ahead without looking back,
I heard something,
Something which was very known,
Something which was once very close to my heart,
Some kind of voice,
Some familiar laughter,
Some whisper into my ears,
Some unforgettable giggles,
As somebody called my name,
That voice still gives me thousand blows of wind,
And I started melting,
All of a sudden I looked back with hope,
And there was no one,
I was all alone on that long silent road,
Damn.. I am still missing him,
And I started moving ahead without looking back,
With a tears in my eyes and a sharp pain in my heart,
I am moving ahead without looking back....


Ultimatechange said...

I will only say on this is,
"Keep on enjoying all the time..
Just forget about that time..
Try to laugh out with world...
Nd see who u get more voices calling
out u 4m behind...
Oops! i mean.. forward this time... :)"

Best Wishes!

Dreaming Eyes said...


keep smiling..
take care..:)

Prasant Naidu. said...

That voice still gives me thousand blows of wind.
Lovely but not in the context of the verse. As i always told that you have the traits of a poet ;)but i would love to see some smile in there...wht say ?

Keep Rocking,

Dreaming Eyes said...

Hey PN..thanx 4 every word.. :)

U too keep rocking always..
Take care..

As the Mind Meanders said...

That was nice...

Dreaming Eyes said...

As the mind meanders...:-)

take care..

sm said...


Dreaming Eyes said...

heyy SM thanx dat u liked..:)

take care..

sm said...

Hey waiting for next poem or post.

Dreaming Eyes said...

heyy SM.. hmm soon..

take care.. :)

ani_aset said...

just keep mobing..slowly the tears will dry away and with a soft breeze that caresses the face, a smile will adorn the lovely face :D

Dreaming Eyes said...

Hii ani_aset.. vry sweet lines u said buddy..thanks so much..

enjoy life..
take care..

ღ Rawan said...

dang!!I wish I could stop looking back :(.
Keep it up.
u rock <3

Dreaming Eyes said...

heyy Rawan.. thanx buddy.. and yeah try to luk forward..:)I appreciate dat u visited..

keep smiling..
do visit again..
take care..