Saturday, May 23, 2009

TRUTHS.....about me...

  1. That I am still single ;-)
  2. I am a day dreamer ( can dream with open eyes )
  3. I am a thinker.. who always think that people around me are more intelligent then I have to learn from them.
  4. I am an observer..who always observe others (sumtimes get amused and sumtimes irritate )
  5. I had left non vegetarian food 10 years back ( no temptations at all )
  6. I am very selective about my not make friends easily..( thats why very few on social networks)
  7. I love my Family more than anything ( May God shower all the happiness on them )
  8. I love to pray ( I love God )
  9. I love accessories more than clothes ( huge collection of shades, footwear, handbags )
  10. I dont hate Dogs..I am scared of them (don't laugh please )
  11. I actually never liked to study in my whole life but always forced to do so (well credit goes to strict and well educated parents that I am an MBA today )
  12. I get depressed very easily.
  13. I actually hate few people ( God forbid me )
  14. I don't talk much ( sumone told me that I am a very patient listener..still remember those words )
  15. I hate liars ( try hard not to lie as much as possible..but sumtimes you know human tendency )
  16. And one more weakness I am short tempered (sumtimes cant control my anger)
  17. I have never smoke in my life ( am damn sure about this )
  18. I am a non alcoholic ( but forced to gulped brandy few times because doctor prescribed and it had burnt my throat each and every and why people like it..dont understand )
  19. I can sketch and paint.
  20. I can cook ( gud cook )
  21. I am a to shop ( in fact it gives me peace of mind ;-)
  22. I simply can not DRIVE ( when I was learning I hit an auto rickshaw and God saved all of us)
  23. I love kids ( love to play with them without any complaints )
  24. I love to give gifts to loved ones ( please note love to receive also )
  25. I am afraid of height and darkness.
  26. I love to swim ( but dont know how to swim.. now thats another problem )
  27. Yeah I am spiritual person.
  28. I had never cheated in exams ( what do u think )
  29. I hate to wake up early ( I am totally a night person )
  30. I had crush on Salman Khan when I was in school ( No I think I still have..hmm yeah I still sure I have)
  31. I am getting addicted to internet these days.
  32. I am afraid to get obese.
  33. Once I fell down from stairs in a shopping mall in front of whole bunch of boys ( they were all hot luking cant even imagine my embarrassment..GOD why only ME that day.. why not any of my friend instead of me )
  34. I have some more embarrassing moments in my life which I dont have guts to share ( so keep guessing )

Above stated truths are completely honest and true to my words..

Whenever I discover more truths about me I would add them up..

You can also leave your truths in comment box if you feel so.. :-)


Kaddu said...

ROTFL @ 30!
U needed so much time to make up ur mind whether u still hv a crush on Salman Khan! He's the hottest guy in the entire country yaar! The "Youth-Icon"! :-D

Dreaming Eyes said...

@ kaddu..:-)thanx for ur visit...yeah every1 in my circle still keep teasing me abt salman khan...

BrownPhantom said...

31 : Everyone is :(.
32 : Me too. Hence started yoga :)

How can anyone stop eating chicken ? :).

Dreaming Eyes said...

heyy...BP...gud to see ur comment.. yeah vry true evry1 is getting addict to this dis internet...and rest abt chicken..bas aise hi..

and m excited to hear abt ur yoga pls gv me sum tips abt yoga as i dnt knw anythng abt dis..

do visit again..take care.. ;-)

As the Mind Meanders said...

Hi Dream... Only one truth to share

1) I am a liar....

Now... do you believe me :-)

Jokes apart... it takes a lot to write about oneself... I realized that today when I was tagged... AND Salman Khan... why him???

Dreaming Eyes said...

heyy.M M....hahahha liar...its ok..yeah i do beleive u...hahahahh..

yeah its tough and uncomfortable to write abt ourself..

Rest abt Salman Khan..then who else..??? You suggest....

take care...:-)

As the Mind Meanders said...

Come on... you cant fall for a fully grown man who a) cant drive b) hasn't learned how to put his own shirt on and c)KILLS ANIMALS

Anyone but him... even Kader Khan.. if you like Khans, that is...

Dreaming Eyes said...

@M M...ahhh cmn Kader Khan ...NO WAY..pls...;-)

Prashant said...

Point 28... you are probably the only one who has never done it. I bow down to you.

Dreaming Eyes said...

hi prashant..i think u dint get the point...obviously I did..tell me one name who dsnt...;-)

Prashant said...

Yes.. i think i missed out the (What do you think) part ;)

Shobhit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dreaming Eyes said...

hi prashant...hmm nw u gt the point..:-)

take care...

Hi..welcum Shobhit...well thanx 4 ur 1st visit ( make it habit to visit again:-)and thanx fr ur comment as u said we are similar in many happens with some they hv quite few similarities..:-)

and yeah i wud love to visit ur blog and wud like to read ur thoughts..

take visit again..keep blogging..

enjoy life....

preposterous girl said...

Hi Dreaming Eyes..
U hate only few people?? I hate lot of them :P
And Sallu is undoubtedly the heart throb..So wht if he doesn't knw how to put his shirt on..Wht r we girls here for?? We'll help him anytime.. ;) lol

Dreaming Eyes said...

heyyy preposterous girl...welcome here...and thnx 4 sharing ur views....and rest abt sallu...yeah I totally agree wid u...:-)

take care...enjoy life....;)

ani_aset said...

aww, your embarrasing moment :)..nice post

Dreaming Eyes said...

Hi ani_aset : hahah....welcum and thanks...

take care.....