Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In Search Of Happiness..

In search of happiness..I was wandering from places to places.. I was crossing the road when i saw these kids playing and laughing together and I start missing my carefree childhood days.. When everything was joyful and innocent..I wish I could turn the time back..

I saw a couple holding each others hands and laughing and whispering slowly and lost into each other.. I felt jealous coz I was walking alone that long road in search of happiness..

I saw a group of old people sat on a park bench enjoying winter afternoon.. They were retired from work and satisfied from their life..sharing their life experiences with each other.. I felt confused and thought would I ever be get this kind of satisfaction in life.. ( to be continued)


Its tough to say goodbye to your love
But the day and time has come to say
So here I am shattered and broken
But in hope that you would remain be happy
Goodbye to the time we spent together
The laughter we shared together
Your long conversations and my silence
Your restlessness and my patience
All are now memories only
Bye to the unforgettable old memories

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Me...Without You...

I am happy in your happiness
I am living in my loneliness
I am still breathing without you
I am still dreaming about you
I am happy coz you are happy

My eyes are waiting for you
Your voice is like music to my ears
Your laughter that still rings in my ears
I am not crying
I am still praying for you
My life is incomplete without you
I am happy in your happiness

You will always be remembered
No matter how far you are
You will always be living in my heart
You will always be living in my prayers
I am happy coz you are happy...

I know you wont come back
But my soul is still searching for you
I am not crying
I am happy in your happiness

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Life is going on.....
With or without those
Whom we love
Whom we care
With whom we want to share

Life is going on....
After every rise
After every fall
Life cant wait
Life cant stop
Its still going on...

People comes into life
And turn into memories
Memories are now fading away
Nothing lasts forever
But life is still going on...

People comes people goes
Does not matter long in life
Only those matters who stays with us
Nothing stays forever
With them life is going on ...

I am flowing with life
And life is going on
To meet my dead end
With life I am going on..going on..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


You have gone
Gone without said anything
Like a stranger who met me
Met me in the middle of the road
And left me and now I am lost on the road
Lost without you
Restless without you
You have taken all the feelings with you
With you I was alive
Alive whenever I am thinking of you
You are living in my heart beats
Heart is not beating anymore
You have given me endless pain
Pain is killing me
Killing me till I die
I want to die in your arms
Your arms are holding someone else
Some one has taken u away
Taken u away from me
For me you are my soul
Soul who is no more
You have taken me from me along with you
You have gone without said a word
Gone.. gone.. gone..

Sunday, February 1, 2009

MEN Does Cry.....

Writing this article just remind me a way back when i was having a word with this friend who told me that he do not cry because he is a man.....and I was speechless coz i did not know how to respond...because i think that its natural to be human when you are born as a human being.. why men dont show their tears just to show their manhood does not sound convincing at all...

I have seen men crying in their happiest as well as in their tough moments.. and they were not hiding their tears from anybody not even from females..and that does not stand them different from others..they would definitely remain a man..does not this phrase shows an fake ego of a hypocrite male specie who find it very proud that he does not cry....does not he has a heart... is he a stone...he does not have feelings....does not he feel happy..does not he smile..does not he laugh..if yes..then why he cant shed tears..its applicable to all human beings..then why these particular section of men does not admit that they also cry..why this kind of attitude..

In fact I think it gives a boost to their manhood(ego).. But guys you should try to be normal human being and CRY ALOUD..start shedding loads of TEARS because it would help to CLEANSE YOUR EYES...