Sunday, September 6, 2009

Feelings...not feeling anymore...

As I am blank not feeling anything,

Something is dying inside me,

Dont know what it is,

Something related only to mine,

I was searching for the answers,

All of a sudden my heartbeat skipped,

Christ..these are my feelings,

My feelings are dying..

No hold on..I think they were dead long before,

I just never realized,

Not feeling anything,

No sadness no happiness,

My own feelings left me long before,

Now I am all alone..


Kaddu said...

Are u depressed? Don't mind my comment if u aren't - I usually don't understand poetry.

Btw, I left u my yahoo chat ID on FB, as a personal msg. come on chat sumtime. Cheers! :)

Prabhjot said...

All alone?? no point of it, just look at your google connect area, 19 readers are following you every simgle moment. :)
It happens for a while in our life, when we forget to laugh, miss out drying our eyes.. But the very next moment, some such thing happens, which once again bring our crazy soul back into our body.. nd once again we get normaize.. So just wait nd watch, how quickly things turns with u also.. :)

Best Wishes! :)

Prasant Naidu. said...

Nice as always. true bliss ekku :)
reminds me one of those lines of gulzar
aina dekh kar tasili hui , keye humko is ghar mein janta hai koi :)(forget my spellings)

Keep Rocking,

Dreaming Eyes said...

heyy way yaar am not depressed at all...yup i hv added u on fb and on yahoo as well..catch u soon..

take care..

Dreaming Eyes said...

Hello prabhjot...yup true...agree..

thanx 4 ur comment and wishes..

take care...

Dreaming Eyes said...

Heyyy..PN..thank nice of u dat u actually liked it.. :)

take care..

keep rocking PN..

Anonymous said...

nice blog. u hav got a very unique writing style. loved it.

here is mine...check it out - GD Blogs!

Dreaming Eyes said...

Hi gautam..thank u that u liked it..

Of course I will surely visit ur blog..

Take care..

sm said...

nice poem
everyone goes through this,
few people dont even realize it

Dreaming Eyes said...

heyyy Sm...where r u btw..its been a long time there is no comment frm u..

thanx for ur comment and pls keep visit often.. ;)

take care..

Sorcerer said...

pretty good blog
keep it up!

Dreaming Eyes said...

Hi Sorcerer.. Thank visit again..

take care.. :)

Appaji said...

really nice..

apppji from india

Dreaming Eyes said...

Hello Appaji.. thanks for ur visit and a kind comment..

do visit agian..
take care..