Monday, March 23, 2009

VOTE for a part in country's progress..

Elections are on the way to come.So much campaigning to attract many promises..Variety of speeches to attract voters..BUT the question is where are the voters..Illiterate and poor people does not know what to do with their valuable vote so they go with perks in various forms providing to them by their dear candidates and well wishers.

But what about those who are well qualified know their responsibilities and earning well..Why they does not use their right to vote. This is the section of major population who simply does not believe in voting because for them vote means politics and politics means corruption and corruption means corrupt leaders..and they does not want to become a part of this corruption..WAKE UP..People you can not judge or make perceptions about politics by simply sitting in your drawing rooms and watched movies based on politics and says politics is a dirty game..If you people think that its a game then please do come forward and be a part of this game in a neater way by simply giving VOTE..

By cutting ourselves from our important right and responsibility to vote wont do wonders to any country and would actually make our country weak.Take it as a responsibility to vote.

Remember we are going to vote for our safe present and as well as our future and we are responsible to give better future to coming generations..

Do not forget that we are giving vote against ;
Corruption, Poverty,Terrorism,Corrupt Politicians,Illiteracy and all the national evils..

Always remember that we are voting for ;
Shining India, Secure life,Modern Technology,Literacy

Be a responsible citizen use your valuable vote and elect Honest Leaders instead of picking up faults in government and in their policies. Give country a strong and honest government..Help to build a strong nation..Be Indian..VOTE for yourself..VOTE for country's progress..


arrowhead said...

a big Hi from me as well... :)
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sm said...

nice article
I suggest vote for economic reservation only. your blog has also lot to read.
i have written few post on this topic one of link is here

Dreaming Eyes said...

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sm said...

ty for remembering me .
waiting for your next post.

Dreaming Eyes said...

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